Knee pain:  A lady had had a broken kneecap six months earlier.  She had had surgery but pain and swelling
persisted.  Scenar treatment on the knee relieved the pain the next morning the swelling was gone.  She was
treated again the next day.  The pain and swelling have not returned 4 years later.

Herniated Intervertebral Disc:  A man age 25 had lifted a 35 lb. piece of glass and experienced sudden
pain down both arms and partial paralysis of both arms.  MRI revealed a herniated disc in his cervical spine
in the neck.  After the first Scenar treatment on his neck he experienced ability to move his arms.  After 3
more daily treatments his symptoms have not returned 4 years later.  His neurologist decided a repeat MRI
was not indicated because of lack of symptoms.

Herniated Intervertebral Disc:  A schoolteacher age 55 had severe neck pain.  She used an ice bag on
her neck for pain relief while she graded papers.  An MRI revealed two herniated intervertebral discs in her
cervical spine in her neck.  The neurosurgeon told her surgery would be too risky.  After 5 Scenar treatments
she was pain free and has been so for two years.

Retinal Detachment Surgery:  A man age 70 suffered retinal detachments in both eyes the same day two
years after cataract surgery in both eyes.  After surgery for retinal detachment he had 20/70 vision in one eye
and 20/40 in the other eye.  A year later he had the same vision.  A former army airplane pilot he decided he
would like to fly again and wanted something done to improve his vision.  After five weekly Scenar treatments
on his face area the vision improved to 20/40 in one eye and 20/20 in the other eye.  The vision stabilized to
20/25 vision in each eye for the next two years when it was last evaluated.  No additional Scenar treatments
were needed.

Achalasia:  This is a condition in which the sphincter valve that opens to let food into the stomach from the
esophagus fails to open.  The esophagus is the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach.  
Thus food gets stuck in the lower end of the esophagus and can’t enter the stomach.  The cause is usually
unknown.  Medicine is effective in treating some cases.  A balloon can dilate the lower esophageal sphincter.  
Surgery is used in some cases.

A 34-year-old lady with achalasia had had the lower esophageal sphincter dilated many times since the age
of 18 months.  She had had Botox injections twice which helped temporarily.  Scenar treatment was done
on her back.  Immediately she was able to swallow cold water.  She had been able to swallow only warm
water.  The first treatment lasted 6 hours.  Daily treatments for 3 days provided complete relief.

Achalasia:  A lady age 75 had had her lower esophageal sphincter dilated several times so she could
swallow food.  Only one Scenar treatment on her back was needed to relieve the condition.  A year later
while driving to church one Sunday the condition returned, as she suddenly could not swallow saliva.  A
Scenar treatment on her back relieved the problem.  Two years later there had been no reoccurrence.

Snoring:  A doctor had snored loudly for many years.  He was in a hotel room with two other doctors while
attending a medical convention in 2002.  The snoring was disturbing to the other
doctors.  One of the doctors had his Scenar instrument with him.  The snoring doctor was treated on the
back of his neck for 10 minutes.  There was no snoring the next night.  Three years later there was no
more snoring.

Snoring:  A man had snored so loudly for years that his wife had to sleep in another bedroom.  After one
Scenar treatment on the back of his neck the snoring ceased.  A year later mild snoring began again.  Another
Scenar treatment was administered.  There had been no more problems a year later.

Several more snorers have been treated.  Their cases have not been followed.  They have not returned for
more treatments.

Sleep Apnea:  In her early 60’s a lady had snored for years.  Sometimes she would awaken during the night
with a sudden deep breath.  She was always tired and sleepy during the day.  After treatment with Scenar on
her back and back of the neck the symptoms were relieved.  Two years later she reported continued absence
of the symptoms.  This case was not documented by sleep studies.  In sleep apnea there is a temporary
stopping of breathing.  It is frequently accompanied by snoring.  At the end of a temporary stopping of
breathing there may be a sudden “snort” or snoring sound when a deep breath ends the cessation of breathing.  
It may occur a few hundred times during the night.  The reduced intake of oxygen has been attributed to several
body conditions including lack of restful sleep.

Constipation:  A lady age 53 has suffered from severe constipation for several years.  Scenar Voltage
readings on her spine and abdomen were very low.  Energy was added 2 minutes at each spinal segment
after which readings were measurable on the abdomen.  Energy was then added on the abdomen.  Relief from
constipation lasted only a day after the first treatment.  After the second treatment she said she used the
estroom in a department store and clogged the toilet.  After eight treatments her symptoms were absent and
were so three years later.

Sinus Headache:  A lady age 75 was scheduled for cataract surgery but was very uncomfortable with sinus
headache.  Four days before cataract surgery a Scenar treatment was administered on the back of her neck
for 10 minutes.  The next day she reported that much drainage into her throat began soon after the treatment
and 24 hours later the drainage had decreased in volume, and she felt much better.  A second treatment was
administered.  The sinus headache and postnasal discharge had resolved, and she was comfortable at surgery.

Macular Degeneration:  Lady age 84had had cataract surgery in both eyes.  One eye had very poor vision
due to age related macular degeneration.  The other eye corrected to 20/50.  She felt insecure driving her car
and reading.  She took eye vitamins.  After 4 Scenar treatments on the face her vision returned to 20/30.  
She felt confident driving and said her balance had improved.

Aching different spots:  For 5 years a man age 42 had daily aches in different parts of his body.  He
thought he might have cancer.  Fatigued, he would lie down during daytime when he had the opportunity.  He
had had several MRI studies that reveled no cause.  He had been to 6 doctors, one of whom suggested he quit
bitching and get on with his life.  No diagnosis had been provided.  His wife read a magazine article on
fibromyalgia, which described similar symptoms.

His neck and back were treated with Scenar for 30 to 45 minutes at each of 3 treatments.  There was a
dramatic relief of the aching and fatigue symptoms.  He did not need to lie down when he retuned home from
his work in the evenings.  He could again enjoy such activities as working in the yard and feeling good again.

Many physicians do not recognize Fibromyolgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as clinical entities.  They are s
ubjective symptomatic conditions lacking abnormal x-ray or MRI or physical exam findings, blood chemistry
changes or other objective findings.  Present day medicine requires some objective proof, or a symptom
complex is not recognized as really existing.

Sinus Congestion and Shingles:  A lady age 60 had a history of painful lesions on right side of scalp and
right eyelid for 3 days preceded by unilateral headache.  She also described “stuffiness” and congestion in her
accessory nasal sinuses.  Her internist made a diagnosis of shingles and prescribed acyclovir.  Three days later
she described the headache as intense, the skin lesions very tender and the sinus congestion was very
uncomfortable.  With Scenar she was treated on face areas and back of her neck.  During the neck painting
she described beginning relief of the pressure sensation of the sinus congestion and mucus drainage into her
throat.  The drainage continued and the nasal passages continued to open for several hours and the right-sided
headache and tenderness associated with the zoster lesions decreased in intensity.  Her relief of symptoms and
increased in sense of well being allowed her to join other ladies of her church to make noodles for a church
bazaar the next morning.  A second Scenar treatment was given three days later but probably was not needed.

Comment:  Experience with shingles has indicated that Scenar treatment early in the disease is more effective
and requires fewer treatments than treatment later in the disease process.

Vomiting:  Shannon age 6 had been vomiting for 2 days.  The abdomen was soft to palpation with no
tenderness direct or rebound indicating absence of need for surgery such as appendicitis.  No energy voltage
readings could be elicited on any area of the abdomen.

Scenar energy was administered on the abdomen.  There were still no energy voltage readings on the abdomen.

Scenar energy was administered down her spine.  After this treatment there were measurable voltage
readings all over the abdomen.  She had vomited just prior to the Scenar treatment.  Immediately after the
treatment she asked for some food and ate some chicken.  The vomiting ceased and she had no more

Bell's Palsy:  While hospitalized for the birth of her baby a lady age 40 suffered bilateral Bell’s palsy.  Bell's
Palsy is caused by a 7th cranial nerve neuritis that results in inability to close the eyelids or smile on one side
of the face.  This lady was paralyzed on both sides of her face.  Bell's Palsy is thought to be due to a virus
infection.  The palsy gradually improved but there was a residual of insufficient blinking so that she could not
wear her contact lenses and her lips were unable to respond in a smile.  After six months the neurologist
indicated that recovery was probably at its maximum.  At eight months Scenar Therapy was done on the six
trigeminal exit points on her face.  After the first treatment the increased ability to smile was observed by her
5-year-old daughter.  After two more treatments she was able to wear her contact lens comfortably, and the
smile was normal.

Sinus Headache:  A lady age 81 had had constant severe frontal headache for 5 weeks.  She had been
treated for sinus infection with three courses of antibiotics.  Headaches continued.  A CT scan revealed no
evidence of sinus infection.  The patient reported that the headache was similar to previous sinus headaches.

Treatment:  Scenar therapy was administered one evening.  The back and face areas were treated.  The
scalp was treated for 5 minutes.  The patient reported that the headache was less intense the next morning
and disappeared by 9:30 am.  She reported some liquid drainage into her throat.  Although there was no
headache a second treatment without the scalp treatment was administered 48 hours later.

Comment:  Treatments of other sinus congestion headaches have been successful with only the painting of
the back of the neck with Scenar for 10 minutes.  Usually drainage of mucus into the throat begins during
the treatment and lasts for several hours.  In the case of this patient the symptoms were somewhat different
in that there was no nasal congestion and the CT scan had indicated no evidence of sinusitis.  Because of the
uncertainty of the nature of the headache it was decided to administer a more comprehensive Scenar technique.

Graves Disease:  A schoolteacher in her 40’s had Grave’s disease.  In Graves’s disease one or both eyes
may protrude (exophthalmos).  This lady’s left eye protruded an excessive distance.  She had had surgery
for the condition and had been told she needed another surgery.  After 5 weekly Scenar treatments on her
face the protrusion of the eye disappeared, and she had a normal appearance.  Three years later her
appearance remained normal.

Two other milder forms of Graves’s disease with one eye protruding have been treated with Scenar.  They
both regained normal appearance with weekly Scenar treatments.  There has not been an opportunity to
treat a Graves disease with both eyes protruding.

Macular Degeneration:  Age related macular degeneration had been responsible for gradual decrease in
visual acuity for a few years of a man age 81.  When the vision decreased to 20/70 each eye he felt insecure
in driving and reading.  He had taken eye nutrition vitamins and added more green vegetable to his diet for
over a year.

Scenar therapy was explained to him with the caviot that it was questionable to expect improvement when
the vision was as poor as 20//70.

Scenar treatment on the 6 trigeminal facial points was followed by no improvement immediately following the
treatment.  A week later the visual acuity was 20/50+ each eye.  The patient commented on his much i
mproved vision for driving and reading.

It was explained that the appropriate frequency of treatments was not yet established.  A series of retreatment
exam was scheduled.

COPD:  A man age 72 with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) required the use of a
bronchodilator nebulizer machine 6 times daily to relieve his shortness of breath.  He was treated on his back
with the Russian Scenar instrument.  After 4 weekly treatments the nebulizer was required only once daily.  
He estimated 60% improvement.  After two more weekly treatments the relief of symptoms continued and
there was gradual improvement.

Back Pain:  A lady age 80 had a very painful back after working in her yard.  Back pain occurred at slightest
movement.  She was concerned about recovery prior to a trip by plane scheduled a few days later.  There was
point tenderness to the right of the lower spine.  The Scenar instrument was held on the point of tenderness for
5 minutes.  At the end of the treatment she was free of pain.

Macular Degeneration:  A man age 81 had minimal nuclear cataracts plus age related macular degeneration.  
In one year visual acuity with the best glasses dropped from 20/40 to 20/60 each eye.

Eye vitamins used for macular degenerated were prescribed.  In three months the vision got even worse to
20/70 each eye.

Scenar therapy was used on face areas.  After 3 weekly treatments the vision improved to 20/50 each eye.  
Two weeks later the vision was 20/40 each eye.

The patient experienced a noticeable improvement in driving and reading vision.  Another appointment was
scheduled in a month.  The 20/40 vision allowed him to drive legally in Indiana.

Macular Degeneration:  A lady age 91 had only one useable eye and said her vision had become worse.  
Corrected visual acuity was 20/70.  Nuclear cataracts were minimal.  Decrease in vision was attributed to
age related macular degeneration (AMD).  She had been taking vitamin supplements including an eye
supplement for AMD.

A Scenar treatment on face areas was done.  One week later she delighted in reporting a noticeable
improvement in vision.  Corrected acuity was 20/40.  A second Scenar treatment was provided.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain:  A school bus driver developed severe pain in her left lower back.  She was not
aware of any injury.  She experienced pain when walking and especially when driving the school bus.  She
had had chiropractic treatments without relief of pain.  Examination revealed very tender point tenderness
over the region of the left sacroiliac joint.  After Scenar treatment the pain was relieved, and she could walk
and drive the bus without discomfort.